Definitions for "Deadhead"
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A means of encouraging a faster repeat of bloom by removal of the spent blooms just above a 5-leaflet set.
To remove the spent flowers from a rose (to prevent hip formation.) This encourages the rose to continue producing flowers.
To pinch back spent blooms just beneath the bloom. Deadheading annuals frequently ensures the most blooms during the growing season and prevents seed formation.
A crew member flying as a passenger to reach an assignment in another location.
A distance travelled with the truck empty, on its way to pick up a load.
A vehicle operating without a payload or revenue producing cargo.
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A person smart enough to appreciate the Grateful Dead. Also, the portion of a route that must be walked by without reading any meters (dead time) generally due to houses on only one side of a street or poor planning..
Deadhead or Dead Head is the name given to fans of the American jam band, the Grateful Dead.New York Times (2006). I Saw a Deadhead Sticker on a Bentley. Retrieved July 1, 2006.Globe Newspaper Company (2006). Boston Globe article: Life of the party using the term Deadhead.
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A log or spar floating on end (vertically) and mostly submerged. Also called a sinker.
An old log which has lost most of its bouyancy, and now floats nearly vertical, with one end down, and the upper end just at or below water level. Deadheads are common in old harbors where logs were floated in for loading on boats.
a log, with who knows how many branches, that has soaked up enough water for one end to sink, leaving only a short fat stump showing above the surface
One who receives free tickets for theaters, public conveyances, etc.
An airline employee who is flying without a paid ticket, and not as a member of a working crew.
Employee riding on company pass or on company business. OR Train and/or engine crew going from one terminal to another without performing service for which they were paid the regular rate as though they had worked.
Deadhead is a fictional character from the Wild Cards book series. He is an Ace, someone granted super-powers by exposure to the Wild Card virus, but the disturbing nature of his power has driven him nearly insane.
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A buoy. See under Dead, a.
a nonenterprising person who is not paying his way; "the deadheads on the payroll should be eased out as fast as possible"
The useless metal projecting on a casting which corresponds to the position of a riser in the mold. See Casting, Riser.
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