Definitions for "Deadheading"
Removal of spent flowers. On non-dropping African Violets, this is generally done by pinching the flowers off as they turn brown and shrivel up.
The removal of faded heads of flowers. Pinch here, snip there, removing spent flowers that have already bloomed. This process of pinching off used or spent blooms is to keep the plants well groomed and to prevent them from setting seed. This will also promote continued bloom.
The removal of spent flowers or flower heads.
The costly return trip of an empty transportation container. Opposite of backhauling.
Operating a truck with no load.
A trucking term that means the driving of a tractor-trailer that is empty, usually on the return trip from delivering goods. A special trucking endorsement, Truckers Insurance for Non-Trucking Use, may be necessary when deadheading.
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Operating without passengers.