Definitions for "Depot "
A place of deposit for the storing of goods; a warehouse; a storehouse.
Français : Dépôt Deutsch : Depot A depot where vehicles are parked when not in operation, and where they are refueled, maintained or repaired. See also : GARAGE
Form of alternative space utilization in department stores. By agreement the goods offered remain in the supplier‘s possession up until the time of sale.
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A military station where stores and provisions are kept, or where recruits are assembled and drilled.
The headquarters of a regiment, where all supplies are received and distributed, recruits are assembled and instructed, infirm or disabled soldiers are taken care of, and all the wants of the regiment are provided for.
A railway station; a building for the accommodation and protection of railway passengers or freight.
A repository of software products and a catalog organized such that the SD-UX software management commands can use it as a source. The contents of a depot reside in a directory structure with a single, common root. A depot can exist as a directory tree on a SD-UX file system or on CD-ROM media, and it can exist as a tar archive on a serial media. All depots share a single logical format, independent of the type of media on which the depot resides.
A file repository on the p4d server. It contains all versions of all files ever submitted to the server. There can be multiple depots on a single server.
repository, archive, VOB The central storage for your source code and related files. The Perforce Server manages one or more depots, which are mapped to client workspaces through the client-server network connection. The server filesystem does not need to be mounted by the client computer.
Einrichtung der Kreditinstitute zur Verwaltung von Wertpapieren fÃ1/4r ihre Kunden. Wertpapiere können bei einer Wertpapiersammelbank (Girosammeldepot) oder fÃ1/4r jeden Kunden gesondert in einem Streifband (Streifbanddepot) verwahrt werden; ersteres ist die Ã1/4bliche und deutlich kostengÃ1/4nstigere Form.
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A body area in which a substance, for example, a drug can be accumulated, deposited, or stored and from which it can be distributed.
DEPOT is an acronym for Distributed Ensemble of Pages that is Outage Tolerant. It is an opensource project, developed at IIT Bombay.
Depot is a software management tool providing a simple, yet flexible, mechanism for maintaining third party and locally developed software in large heterogeneous computing environments. Depot integrates separately maintained software packages, known as collections, into a common directory hierarchy consisting of a union of all the collections.
Depot is both a file system organization, and a piece of software from Carnegie Mellon University to implement the organization. Depot organization is used to manage software systems into collections that can be moved, uninstalled, and updated in a coherent manner.
A site on which forest produce is collected.
a facility where generators can drop off materials for reuse or recycling. Depots can range from single containers that are serviced on a regular basis, to fully-staffed facilities.
A facility used by shipping companies to pack and unpack containers.
a valuable tool as I look to improve my skills and ideas to handle the challenges of multiple tasks and short timelines
a fulfillment company in Pennsylvania specializing in providing business order fulfillment and warehousing to small and medium sized businesses
A major operational location (also known as a Terminal) where shipments for pickup and delivery are processed.
Place where trains are maintained predominantly overnight
The place designated by the carrier where empty containers are kept in stock and received from or delivered to the container operators or merchants.
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See repeater depot.