Definitions for "Application system"
A system made up of one or more host systems that perform the main set of functions for an establishment. This is the system that updates the primary DASD volumes that are being mirrored.
A complete set of application programs that completes an entire business process. For example, an accounts payable system is an application system.
A name given to a collection of business functions, entities, programs, and tables that can be further described by system documentation of various forms. It is typically used to describe a unit of related work such as in a project, subsystem, or data subject area. The status of an application system may change (e.g. it may be frozen), and new versions may be created. It is also a unit of access control to the collection of elements that it contains. Elements may be shared between application systems.
A computer targeted for resale by a HP Authorized Reseller and one where usage by the Authorized Reseller is limited to the deployment and testing of applications for resale.
The platform on which data is viewed or manipulated, including the hardware and communications devices.
A family of products designed to offer solutions for commercial data processing, office, and communications environments, as well as to provide simple, consistent programmer and end user interfaces for businesses of all sizes.