Definitions for "PCC"
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Patient Care Component
Program for Cooperative Cataloging. An international cooperative project. PCC includes BIBCO (monographic bibliographic component), CONSER (Cooperative Online Serials Program, the serials bibliographic component), NACO (name authority component), and SACO (subject authority component).
Program for Co-operative Cataloging, formed in 1995 to expand access to collections by cataloging to a level that meets mutually-accepted standards. In 1997, PCC merged with CONSER, and the current situation is that PCC is the umbrella organization with four components - CONSER, BIBCO, NACO, and SACO.
Partido Comunista de Cuba
Partido Comunista Colombiano, Colombian Communist Party.
Protected Cell Company. A protected cell company may be viewed as a doughnut, the centre of which is the ordinary share capital of the company around which clusters a number of cells, which are individually capitalised with preference capital. The company may contract for individual cells to carry out certain activities on behalf of the company. However, it should be noted that under the PCC Legislation a cell is capable of going bankrupt in certain circumstances, leaving the core share capital untouched. A PCC is similar to a divisionalised entity, save that each division or cell can go bankrupt without the entire company being placed in jeopardy.
Professional Consultation Committee
Program Coordinating Committee
A n unstable byproduct common to PCP's illicit manufacture; when smoked, PCC releases hydrogen cyanide that is inhaled by the user.
Plasma Combustion Chamber. one of the most common type of space propulsion system in use. Using an inert gas or liquid as reaction mass (most often hydrogen or water), the PCC enables spacecraft to achieve great acceleration for extended periods, reducing travel times to mere weeks and, sometimes, mere days.
Pulverized coal combustion
"Pixel Color Collision" Sprite collision-detection technique for use with Allegro-bitmaps Written in DJGPP and Allegro. Invented by Johnny13,july 2001
Pre-Configured Client. The R/3 Simplification Groupâ€(tm)s pre-configured client.
Pre-Command Course
An abbreviation for Permanently Coloured Concrete — another name for integrally-coloured, cast-in-place or in-situ concrete. PCC can be made by using coloured cements, which are produced by mixing cement with suitable pigments, or by adding colouring pigments to pre-mixed concrete in its plastic state. PCC offers building, landscape and interior designers a multitude of attractive and durable construction material alternatives. Plastic concrete: Concrete which has not set (hardened).
Participating Clinical Center
Primary Care Center
Parent-Child Center. In Franklin County, this is called the Family Center of Franklin County. In Grand Isle County, the Champlain Islands Parent-Child Center.
Correct abbreviation for the honor of Past Camp Commander. Listed after the name of a man who has served as Camp Commander for a full term or who has completed an unexpired term or who has served as Camp Secretary or Camp Treasurer for 10 years and has been granted the honor by the Department Encampment.
CaCO3 produced through a controlled carbonisation process (chemical reaction) in order to reach high degree of purity and brightness and to control efficiently crystal form, particle size and particle size distribution. The crystals can optionally be coated to improve physical or chemical properties in applications
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
Precipitate calcium carbonate. is produced by blowing carbon dioxide into milk of lime, thereby precipitating finely divided calcium carbonate, generally with a mean particle size of less than 5um.
The Prerogative Court of Canterbury in London. The highest probate court in the land.
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Phase Coherent Cardoid. See Boundary Mic.
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Panama Canal Charge.
Premature chromosome condensation. A method of studying chromosomes in the interphase stage of the cell cycle. Source : Human Genome Project Information
Pacific Conference of Churches. Economics
Pacific Clearing Corporation. The clearing corporation of the Pacific Stock Exchange.
population critical concentration. Concentration of a substance in the critical organ at which a specified percentage of the exposed population has reached the individual critical organ concentration. The percentage indicated by PCC-10 for 10%, PCC-50 for 50% etc. (similar to the use of the term LD50). Kjellstrom et al., 1984
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Pseudo City Code
Mobile code (e.g., an applet) that contains the proof that the code complies with a given security policy.
Public Contract Code
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Pensioner Concession Card
See Premises Communication Cable
Post Construction Completion
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Producer Circle Co
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Image File