Definitions for "SCC"
An abbreviation for squamous-cell carcinoma. See Squamous-cell carcinoma.
Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Scaly or plate-like malignant tumour of the skin that sometimes spreads (metastasizes) to other organs. Second most common form of skin cancer.
Squamous Cell Carcinoma. A cancer that develops from squamous cells found in the skin that covers the outside and lines the inside of the body.
State Coordinating Council - An executive group composed of representatives from the Developmental Disabilities Adminstration, Mental Hygiene Administration, Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Education. and Department of Human Resources. the group is charged with approving funding for all out-of-state residential placements.
Supply Chain Collaboration.
State Coordinating Council. The SCC is made up of people from all of the state agencies that provide services to children.
Student Campus Centre, 55 Gould Street
Satellite Control Centre. Telesat staff at the SCC, located in Gloucester, Ontario, control Telesat's satellites.
Specialist Computer Centres (SCC) is an information technology services firm, mainly catering for very large companies and public sector bodies. Headquartered in Birmingham, UK, it is Europe's largest privately owned technology company in terms of revenue and is Hewlett-Packard's largest European partner Channel Register article, 15/3/06 Its main competitors are Computacenter and Morse Group.
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system control center
Spark Control Computer (Chrysler)
Serial communication controller.
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Softwareentwicklung mit C C
Specific Contaminant Concentration
Somatic cell count. The number of white blood cells per milliliter of milk or measurement of the number of somatic cells present in a sample of milk. A high concentration of more than 500,000 somatic cells per milliliter of milk indicates abnormal condition in the udder. This serves as an indicator of mastitis infection when elevated above 200,000.
Stress-corrosion cracking. Environmentally assisted cracking that can result when the combined action of stress, an electrochemical cracking environment, and temperature causes cracks to initiate and grow in a susceptible line-pipe steel.
Stress Corrosion Cracking. Slowly developing cracks that form in stainless steel due to mechanical stress and exposure to a corrosive environment.
State Corporation Commission. An acronym for the New Mexico State Corporation Commission. New Mexico Technet customers have access to SCC records.
New Hampshire State Conservation Commission
The three-letter acronym SCC can refer to many things.
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Siamese Cat Chorale Siamese cats, and all cats who are Siamese in their hearts.
specialized common carrier. A company that provides private line services, such as voice, teleprinter, data, facsimile transmission. Synonym : Other Common Carrier.
Specialized Common Carrier. Company that provides private line services (e.g., voice, telephone, data, fax).
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Stirling Cycle Cooler
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Sea Cadet Corps
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Switch-card chassis. Term used by the JUNOS command-line interface (CLI) to refer to the TX Matrix platform in a routing matrix.
source code control. A system for managing the various copies and versions of application code.
Source Classification Code
Souce Classification Code
Societe Central Canine The French national canine organization.
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Server-Centric Computing
Safety Contractors Certification is a system of safety management developed by the petrochemical industry.
Safety Concept Car
Standardized short-course hemotherapy
Stock Clearing Corporation. The clearinghouse for the NYSE.
See Stock Clearing Corporation (SCC).
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Text File or Stamp Collector's Girl Friday Catalog File Source Safe File
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Service Creation Community
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Schedule 13d Schedule C
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Schools Causing Concern
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Shell Chemical Company
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Specialized Care Center