Definitions for "RS-232C"
Keywords:  eia, serial, ccitt, connector, modem
The name of a standard (created by the Electronics Industry Association) for communication between a computer and a serial device.
An EIA serial digital interface standard specifying the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the communication path between two devices using 25-pin D-type connectors. This standard is used for relatively short range control data communications.
An electrical standard for the interconnection of equipment established by the Electrical Industries Association; the same as the CCITT code V.24. RS-232C is used for serial ports.
A type of connection cable to connect a computer to another medium.
A cable that connects a computer and its peripherals. SaBRE AKA Subtractive Bi-Refringent Effect, a technology that allows two panels rather than three to generate the full 16 color VGA palette. The top panel provides white, magenta, blue, and cyan; the second brings colors from white through yellow and to red.