Definitions for "Connector"
A device for holding two parts of an electrical conductor in contact.
The mating device that is inserted into the coupler of a quick coupler and locked to complete the connection. Also referred to as plug or nipple. ( 099)
A device for making connectable/disconnectable connections of a fiber to another fiber, source, detector, or other devices.
A starting hand in which the player's hole cards are coordinated by rank such as a 6 and a 7, or a 10 and a J.
Two cards consecutive in rank. Connectors can be suited (4H-5H) or unsuited (4H-5C)
Cards in sequence of rank, like KQ. If they are of the same suited, they are referred to as "suited connectors".
The object responsible for creating, opening, and eventually closing a connection. Connectors are defined in the configuration file, and are created within the Trackd Server and Trackd Daemon at runtime.
connector represents a communication between two or more components. The interfaces of a connector are roles.
a component responsible receiving requests from, and returning responses to, a client application
a JDI abstraction that is used in establishing a connection between a debugger application (written to the JDI) and a target VM
a JDI object that is the means by which a connection is established between the front and back-ends
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a bulkhead type, and semi-rigid coax interconnects this to the pcb
a small push button to access test mode
a small push button to reset the PCB
Light gauge steel plates with teeth projecting form one face. When pressed into intersecting timber members the plate connects the members in a rigid joint.
A term used in partial denture prosthesis meaning a bar, which connects two or more parts of the appliance: (a) major connector - the rigid bar which connects the saddles or major parts. (b) minor connector - the bar which connects clasps to frame. Coping A thin cover or matrix usually made of cast metal or acrylic resin to fit over a prepared tooth. A crown is then constructed over the coping.
parts made from moulded plastic, rubber or simple PVC tube which are used to hold spreaders to leading edges. Control bar: a single bar used by the kitesurfer to control the kite. The kite lines are connected to the ends of the bar. Some kitesurfers use a pair of handles instead 4-line control bar Concept Air: Canadian manufacturer of foil kites including the New Wave and EX models. Control bar: a single bar used by the kitesurfer to control the kite. The kite lines are connected to the ends of the bar. Some kitesurfers use a pair of handles instead. reep: the amount a line permanently lengthens when pulled. Loosely braided line has a lot of creep, tightly braided has less, linear core line has the least. If all the lines creep evenly, it's pretty much unnoticeable. On ram-air and hybrid kites, the power lines creep more than the brakes, causing the kite to fly sluggishly.
In the Enterprise Access Builder, a specific implementation of the Common Connector Framework that wraps the client/server APIs of various resource managers in a way that both provides a consistent programming interface, and supports product-specific capabilities and host-system control.
Object used to interface between client connections and protocols, usually used with a twisted.internet.protocol.ClientFactory to give you control over how a client connection reconnects. See twisted.internet.interfaces.IConnector and Writing Clients.
an implementation of one of these interfaces
A flexible tube for connecting the ends of glass tubes in pneumatic experiments.
A virtual connection between two points that acts like a tube with no volume and no resistance. Can be defined in RTM-Worx using the RTM runner with a high fibre/volume fraction (say 99%) and low permeability (1000 times as low as adjacent surfaces).
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a trademark of Translogic BV
an abstraction of the Application Data Unit (ADU) transport mechanism between two operators (e
pin welded to a metal beam, intended to insure a mechanical connection with a slab in concrete (longitudinal slide or uprising of the slab), and to constitute a composite construction.
A symbol used to indicate that one occurrence of data has a relationship with another occurrence of data. Connectors are used in conceptual data base design and can be implemented hierarchically, relationally, in an inverted fashion, or by a network.
Is a module to connect to a data repository e.g. database or directory
a Cardas and the output terminals are Handmade
a sophisticated endeavor appropriate for systems programmers, or experienced Versata developers
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a link between an eCopy enabled scanner or digital copier and a networked software application or service
a figure that draws itself between two sites on other figures
a letter that is used in two words
a line that connects two objects
an instrumentality that connects; "he soldered the connection"; "he didn't have the right connector between the amplifier and the speakers"
a high quality monitor built with video prosumers and professionals in mind
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An object that connects topics with particular themes to destinations. It governs the routing of trace messages. It may be a topic itself and have level methods. It may obey environment commands. See also the API.
In a query management command, the TO word in the EXPORT command, the FROM word in the IMPORT command, or the AS word in the SAVE DATA command.
a specialized script that passes the requested information to a separate back-end application such as Visual FoxPro
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see Boolean connector
An E environment object that encapsulates the right to establish outbound connections to other named (by URL) objects in the network.
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a filled in square
A word formed by linking tiles with empty squares between them, e.g. when letters are spaced on a board, e.g. . . . . . . . . . . . and a play is made to "fill in the gaps" such as .CON
a tiny transient CGI script that redirects input to a session thread, receives the response from that thread, and redirects it back to the web client
Connectors facilitate moving mail between systems or subsystems (whether they be local or remote).
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a very tight fit
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a role for literature groups. This individual finds links to the text. It can be text to text, text to self, or text to world.
an arrow indicating that one element controls another
A communications service used to exchange documents with your trading partners or your internal systems.
allows for exchange and receipt of information in various formats so that the data can be processed further in all connected systems.
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a screw-on type, not widely used in new installations
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a Java class that is responsible for physical reads and writes, and for connection management
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a also available
a standard connection system for computer displays
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One who, or that which, connects