Definitions for "Coaxial Cable"
Cable consisting of a center conductor (wire) and surrounding circular shield which is generally capable of greater bandwidth than twisted-pair copper but less than fiber optic cable.
Cable with several common axis lines under protective sheath used for television signal transmissions.
A type of communication transmission cable in which a solid center conductor is surrounded by an insulating spacer which in turn is surrounded by a tubular outer conductor (usually a braid, foil or both). The entire assembly is then covered with an insulating and protective outer layer. Coaxial cables have a wide bandwidth and can carry many data, voice and video conversations simultaneously. Coaxial cables are known for low susceptibility to interference.
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Coda Code
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Hot Swap Protocol UTP
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The principal physical media over which CATV systems are built.
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a common type of unbalanced line
a physical network medium that offers large bandwidth and the ability to support high data rates with immunity to electrical interference and a low incidence of errors.