Definitions for "IDC"
Instrument Definition and Calibration database
See Internet Database Connector.
Internet Database Connector. Provides access to databases for Internet Information Server by using ODBC. The Internet Database Connector is contained in Httpodbc.dll, which is an Internet Server API DLL.
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Invoice Distribution Centre
International Diamond Council, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
International Development Council
Infiltrative Ductal Carcinoma. Cancer growth that has broken through the membrane of the duct into the fatty tissue of the breast
Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma
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Intangible Drilling Cost
Intangible Drilling Costs
ntercorporate evelopment ommission. Foremost political power on pre-Revolution Mars.
Interagency DNAPL Consortium
Inter-Departmental Committee
Interdepartmental Committee
Recessive. This gene allows beak and sometimes plumage pigmentation in dominant white homozygotes.
Internet Data Centers
Infectious Disease Center
Illinois Director Credential. Voluntary administrative credential for center-based early childhood directors, administered by the Illinois Network of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies. The IDC validates the achievement of competencies necessary for effective leadership and management of center-based early care and education programs.
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Independent Duty Corpsman
Internacional Data Corporation
Instructor Development Course. A class or series of classes designed to advance the knowledge and skill level of divers so they can qualify as scuba instructors.
IDC is a DJ/remixer/recording artist based in London UK.
Industrial Development Certificate
Industrial Development Corporation of South africa Ltd
A market research company which provides information related to the Information Technology industry.
Data line used by Eurovision network to identify program originators and sources.
Item Description Code. At Rocky Flats, solid residues are categorized by type of material and identified by these IDCs.
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Indirect Costs
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I don't care
Initiating Device Circuit. A circuit to which automatic or manual initiating devices are connected where the signal received does not identify the individual device operated.
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Immediate family IO
Information Delivery Capability
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Intensive Debt Collection
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Indicator Display / Control
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See Interest-During-Construction
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(see F&A).