Definitions for "Permeability"
Keywords:  porosity, porous, pore, ease, diffusion
The quality of a soil that enables water or air to move through it. Usually expressed in inches/hour or inches/day.
the speed at which a membrane will allow substances to pass through it.
A measure of the resistance of rock to the movement of fluids. Rocks may have holes or void spaces in them (porosity), but if these holes do not connect, the permeability can be drastically reduced.
The degree of physical and visual accessibility in an area, in particular pedestrians and cyclists, sometimes cars.
the degree to which an area has attractive, convenient and safe routes through.
The property of allowing moisture, a primary contributor to concrete deterioration, to enter into and diffuse throughout concrete. MetaMax® improves concrete durability by reducing its permeability.
The extent to which an environment allows people a choice of access through it.
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describes how fast ions are able to move thru an ion channel (the rate of movement). The "depth" of the energy well for a particular ion generally determines it's permeability, or conductance. However, if an energy well is too deep, it can slow down the ion's rate of travel. Note: all binding sites for an ion in a channel have energy wells specific to the interaction that takes place.
while not a term of ultrasonics, per se, permeability of membranes (including skin) can be altered by application of ultrasonic energy (see What's New?).
Ratio expressed as a percentage assumed for the volume of a compartment which can be flooded by water after damage, to the total volume of that compartment; respectively the actual calculated value of that ratio. Go to top
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The quality or state of being permeable.