Definitions for "Advisory committee"
A group or panel of internal or external members with no decision- making authority, assembled to identify and discuss specific issues and make recommendations.
A committee consisting of at least three faculty members (at least two of which are graduate faculty) selected to assist graduate students electing the thesis or Interdisciplinary Studies options in a graduate program.
a committee that has no authority to take any final action on behalf of the City, no authority to limit any action by the City, and no authority to take any action authorized by law
The group consisting of the "official representatives" of each W3C Member organization.
a formal advisory body made up of representatives from the Internet community to advise ICANN on a particular issue or policy area
a group established by statute, the President, or senior agency official to obtain advice on issues or policies
A group of individuals who make their expertise and experience — and sometimes their celebrity — available to the board of directors of a nonprofit organization. Allow well-known persons to provide service to an organization without having to become involved in its actual governance.
see advisory board.
a means to involve the entire school staff in the counseling program