Definitions for "Council of Ministers"
an institution where ministers from all fifteen EU member states sit. This body legislates for the European Union, sets its political objectives, coordinates national policies and resolves differences between European Union countries and European institutions.
The council directly represents the EU's member governments in a "cabinet of cabinets". Every member state becomes president of the Council for six months on a rotational basis.
The Council is the EU institution in which the Governments of the Member States are represented. Together with the European Parliament, it enacts legislation and is the budgetary authority. The Council meets in different formations, depending on the issues under discussion (e.g. environment) and each Member State is represented at Ministerial level in each formation.
the main decision-making body in the EU. Sometimes it uses qualified majority voting, sometimes it votes by unanimity; this depends on the issue. It normally meets in secret rather than in public. It is properly called just the "Council". (more information)