Definitions for "pacing"
the speed at which a composition is to be played.
Matching another's behavior, posture, language / predictates in order to build rapport.
Joining other in their reality and building rapport before starting to lead somewhere different. You can pace at any level from behavior to values and beliefs.
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Continuous stall or pen walking. Often an unhappy horse's reaction to confinement.
walking with slow regular strides
when the horse moves its legs in lateral pairs at the trot; i.e. off fore, off hind together, followed by nearside pair
In SNA, a technique by which the receiving system controls the rate of transmission of the sending system to prevent overrun.
A technique by which a receiving station controls the rate of transmission of a sending station to prevent overrun.
A technique by which a receiving component controls the rate of transmission by a sending component to prevent overrun or congestion.
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Nervous habit curable by NLP
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the progression of the novel's timeline: how fast or slow the action of the story moves along.
The natural flow of events and actions in a film that are either speeded up or slowed down according to the editing of sequences and scenes. A musical sound tract or sound effects may add to the senses of time and space.
Irrational activity due to sickness.
The tempo of an entire theatrical performance.
See flow control.
A VTAM specification to control message traffic from the network control program to the terminal. functions.
The artificial electrical stimulation of a heart rhythm.
Stimulating the heart to increase its rate.
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an important procedure for distributing energy resources in a particular race to achieve the best overall performance.
setting one’s own reading rate by using a pattern appropriate for the reading task
As in ad sales pacing, an indication of a station's current sales environment; i.e., "ad sales are pacing up 3% over last year."