Definitions for "Social skills"
the complex ability both to emit behaviors which are reinforced and not to emit behaviors that are punished or extinguished by others. These behaviors may include overt behaviors (e.g., turn-taking) and covert behaviors (e.g., ability to empathize with another person and discriminate social cues).
Interpersonal and communication skills that enable workers to interact with customers and fellow employees.
a commonplace assumption nowadays, but the idea that social interaction and social life more generally could be viewed as involving a set of skills which were similar to workplace skills was initially controversial. Like all skills, the hallmark of social skill is smooth progression toward a goal. As with other workplace skills they have a cognitive and behavioural component. These involve constructing effective ‘models' of the environment (essentially other people) and developing sets of behavioural routines. Courses enhancing social skills (communicating, listening, self-assertion, negotiation, and counselling) are now central features of workplace development.