Definitions for "Blemishes"
Imperfections or flaws in a diamond.
are tiny surface irregularities that mar the uniformity of the exterior of the pearl.
Since pearls have a natural element to their development, they can have natural imperfections. Blemishes reference a mark or "ding" that can be found on a pearls surface. Generally speaking, the more blemish on a pearl's surface, the lesser the quality. However in some cases marking or blemishes can be a symbol of authenticity and add "character" to the pearl such is the case for natural color Tahitian pearls.
In the context of this book, a blemish is anything that detracts from the quality of the work piece. Of course, in terms of veneer grain, color, and figure, one man's blemish might be another man's perfect design feature. Choose your veneers with care.