Definitions for "Flags"
Pennants that are suspended over the width of each end of the pool approximately 15 feet from the wall.
Backstroke flags placed 5 yards (short course) or 5 meters (long course) from the end of the pool. They enable the backstrokers' to execute a backstroke turn more efficiently by counting their strokes.
Backstroke flags placed 5 yards (short course yards) or 5 meters (long and short course meters) from the end of the pool. These flags enable backstrokers to execute a turn safely and more efficiently.
Flags signal drivers of events or conditions.Green, white, white/red, black, checkered, blue, yellow, red and red/yellow flags each have a different meaning. See each individual color for an explanation of what each flag means.
ships talk to each other with flags in an international code of signals that all nations understand. While the flag hoisted on a private yacht might say "Come over for a drink," the signals on a large ship leaving port will show if a pilot is on board and what type of cargo is carried. Signal flags are never flown at sea, except when a vessel is in distress. The ship's country of registry is flown from the stern, and her country of destination appears from the yardarms of the foremast.
Flags are used to signal drivers of events or conditions. Flags used in racing include green, white, white and red, black, checkered, blue, yellow, red and red/yellow. See each individual color for an explanation of what each flag means.
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They are rectangles of silk (or similarly strong and lightweight material) with weighted cord sewn into the hem along the leading edge. Swung in moves like poi.
The artwork on the back of the TDB booklet shows three FLAGS or Banners or Emblems. A reference to the catholic concept of Trinity, (Father-Son-Holy Spirit)
What the color guard uses on the field. They add visual beauty and impact to the movement of the band proper. There are more than one set of flags used during the show. Flags are designed by the guard instructor and sewn by band parents.
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A signalman.
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TCP uses the following flags as a means of client/server communication. SYNC - Synchronize - the establishing packet from a TCP connection ACK - Acknowledge - acknowledgement about the data exchange RST - Reset - request for re-establishing of the connection URG - Urgent - urgent packet PSH - Push - request for immediate delivery of the packet to the higher layers FIN - Finalize - finalize the connection
Flags is a training sport used by Surf lifesavers to practice beach sprinting and reflexes.
A word describing bristles with split ends, which help hold the paint.
sedimentary rocks that split readily along their bedding surfaces.
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The secondary feathers in the wing, lying next to the primaries.
Small continuation pattern that prints against the direction of the primary trend.
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Single-bit values, representing `Yes' or `No'. Also called "True" and "False".
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Far-north Liquids and Associated Gas System.
An internet header field carrying various control flags.
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Dark cards placed between the light and subject to prevent light from striking certain areas
Flags are barriers to your registration access.
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See options.