Definitions for "Streamer"
A stream or column of light shooting upward from the horizon, constituting one of the forms of the aurora borealis.
A sinuous channel of very high ion-density which propagates itself through a gas by continual establishment of an electron avalanche just ahead of its advancing tip. In the lightning discharge, the stepped leader, dart leader, and return streamer all constitute special types of streamers.
A malfunction in which the slider gets stuck on the top of the suspension lines and prevents the canopy from being fully expanded. Calls for immediate reserve pull unless frapping is desired.
a marine cable containing regularly spaced hydrophones. During a marine seismic survey, several of these streamers are towed behind the survey vessel.
A long cable fitted with hydrophones for conducting seismic surveys, in search of oil and gas, at sea. Such surveys are carried out by a seismic survey vessel towing several streamers behind it.
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A style of subsurface fly designed to imitate a small fish, leech, or eel.
fly tied to imitate the various species of baitfish upon which game fish feed; usually tied using feathers for the wing, but can be tied with hair and/or feathers; tied in all sizes (see bucktail).
Fly that imitates baitfish. Streamers generally catch bigger fish. Fish typically assault this type of fly.
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An ensign, flag, or pennant, which floats in the wind; specifically, a long, narrow, ribbonlike flag.
A ribbon or strip of cloth attached to the staff of a unit's flag recognizing their distinguished conduct in battle.
a long flag; often tapering
A long, narrow sign with a message in bold type hung across open area, window, or doorway.
A long,narrow banner included in interior or window displays only.
a newspaper headline that runs across the full page
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A searcher for stream tin.
Data cartridge drive that writes or reads blocks without stopping between blocks.
Tape drives that write or read blocks without stopping between blocks.
is a device that takes "streams" (not interrupted or divided in shorter chunks) of characters as its input. A typical streamer is a tape drive.
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See Coronal Streamer
A streamer is an abstraction of an information transmission resource that moves data between one source to a set of sinks. The primary service of a streamer is transport of data but it also transform the Stream by introducing delays and errors in the transported stream. A Streamer uses The information transport capabilities provided by Links and the information relaying capabilities provided by Nodes . source: EU-P103 domain: General usage: EU-P103
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Streaming Audio Stretch Tuning
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light that streams; "streamers of flames"
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a beautiful thing