Definitions for "Dust Devil"
A small surface generated vortex storm (or whirlwind) that occurs in deserts and other locations where the ground is very hot. Dust devils resemble tiny tornados, but are caused by convective processes, and they produce significantly less damage than tornados - in many cases they cause no damage of consequence.
A well-developed dust whirl, a small but vigorous whirlwind, usually of short duration. Dust devils are best-developed on hot, calm afternoons with clear skies, in a dry region where intense heating can occur. They are harmless and very weak, but are able to pick up small stones and other debris from the ground.
A rapidly rotating column of air carrying dust, leaves and other light-weight material; dust devils usually develop during hot, sunny days over dry and dusty or sandy areas. -- El Nino A large-scale warming of the tropical eastern Pacific waters near the the coast of South America, typically felt during winter months, with global weather impacts. Occur in cycles varying in length from one to ten years. Signals from past El Nino events show trends for above normal precipitation and above normal temperatures in winter months over the Pacific Northwest. -- Flash Flood A flood that occurs within a few hours (usually less than six) of heavy or excessive rainfall, dam or levee failure.