Definitions for "Cloudburst"
Keywords:  rainfall, rain, hail, downpour, showery
A torrential downpour of rain, which by its spottiness and relatively high intensity suggests the bursting and discharge of a whole cloud at once.
a heavy rain
an extreme rainfall, which can be mixed with hail, and luckily does normally not last longer than a few minutes
Keywords:  octavio, whitacre, ntaro, roto, paz
Cloudburst is one of Eric Whitacre's more experimental pieces. It is written for eight part choir, accompanied by piano and percussion. The text is from Octavio Paz's poem El Cántaro Roto (The Broken Water-Jug), adapted by Whitacre.
Cloudburst (Phoenix in Japan) is an Autobot Pretender in the Transformers toyline.