Definitions for "Hail"
Small roundish masses of ice precipitated from the clouds, where they are formed by the congelation of vapor. The separate masses or grains are called hailstones.
To pour down particles of ice, or frozen vapors.
Hard pellets of ice, of various shapes and sizes, and more or less transparent, which fall from cumulonimbus clouds and are often associated with thunderstorms.
To call loudly to, or after; to accost; to salute; to address.
An exclamation of respectful or reverent salutation, or, occasionally, of familiar greeting.
A wish of health; a salutation; a loud call.
Hail are an American indie/punk band with an avant-garde twist consisting of Susanne Lewis (vocals, guitar, main composer and lyricist) and Bob Drake (bass). The band has also had guest appearances from Dave Kerman, Chris Cutler and Bill Gilonis. Albums include Gypsy Cat & Gypsy Bird (1988), Turn of the Screw (1990) and Kirk (1992).
"Hail" is the debut album released in 1988 by New Zealand band, Straitjacket Fits. There were three releases of the album, a New Zealand release in 1988, a United Kingdom and United States release also in 1988 and a complition of the two albums in 1989.
praise vociferously; "The critics hailed the young pianist as a new Rubinstein"
A series of misfortunes lie ahead that could place your present goals in jeopardy. Look to the other symbols in the dream to judge which goals they are, or how to avert the misfortunes and save your projects.
a form of subspace communication between starships , starbases , and other ports of call
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be a native of; "She hails from Kalamazoo"
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To declare, by hailing, the port from which a vessel sails or where she is registered; hence, to sail; to come; -- used with from; as, the steamer hails from New York.
To report as one's home or the place from whence one comes; to come; -- with from.
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roleplayer "hello", as in Hail and Well Met
Keywords:  forcibly, pour, down
To pour forcibly down, as hail.
Healthy. See Hale (the preferable spelling).
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The act of calling another pleasure craft or boat.
To attempt to contact another boat or shore, either by voice or radio.
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To name; to designate; to call.
call for; "hail a cab"
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High Pressure Centre
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A call to another vessel.