Definitions for "Pellets"
small balls or blocks made of 100% wood sawdust with no additives.
Made from 100% sawdust and no additives, this is a material that is manufactured to be burned in fireplaces
Compacted aggregations of particles resulting either from egestion (fecal pellets) or from burrow-constructing activities of marine organisms.
regurgitated furballs containing bones, teeth, and other undigestible portions of an owl's swallowed dinner
are small, dark sacks containing the undigested bones, fur or feathers of small prey that were swallowed whole by owls. Owls regurgitate the pellets six to 10 hours after eating.
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Crane food, comprised of soy, alfalfa, fish, corn meal, and vitamin supplements. ICF purchases two types of pellets: maintenance/breeder and starter, which is used for chicks. The two pellet types have different ingredient ratios, each developed to meet the needs of cranes in different stages of development and activity.
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You have to make & use them in Er'cana.
An enriched form of iron ore shaped into small balls.
Small spherical projectiles loaded in shotshells and more often called "shot." Also the skirted projectiles used in pellet guns.
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(See Agglomerating Processes )
Little plastic balls that can be stretched into long fibers to make thread.
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