Definitions for "Mold release"
Keywords:  wax, sticking, candle, ejecting, resin
(r) see release agent (mold).
A wax or polymer compound that is applied to the mold surface which acts as a barrier between the mold and the part, thus preventing the part from bonding to the mold.
A substance used to coat the mold to prevent sticking of the resin that will be used to make the part.
A lubricant designed to fill mold pores and facilitate removal of the part from the mold.
See mold lubricant.
A lubricant used to assist in the removal of rubber products from the mold.
Keywords:  ease, soluble, foam, curing, applied
A water-soluble liquid or paste applied to inside of molds to ease removal of castings.
Substance applied to the inner surfaces of a mold to facilitate removal of the finished product. Particularly used in molded latex foam technology.
materials applied to a mold surface to form a thin layer that allows easy removal of the part after curing
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See Parting Agent