Definitions for "Sprue"
Keywords:  runner, pour, molten, nozzle, gate
Strictly, the hole through which melted metal is poured into the gate, and thence into the mold.
The waste piece of metal cast in this hole; hence, dross.
Connector between the runner and the nozzle in the injection molding machine.
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a digestive disorder in which nutrients cannot be properly absorbed from food, causing weakness and loss of weight
Chronic disorder resulting from malabsorption of nutrients from the small intestine. It occurs in tropical and nontropical forms. See Tropical sprue; celiac disease.
a chronic disorder that occurs in tropical and nontropical forms and in both children and adults; nutrients are not absorbed; symptoms include foul-smelling diarrhea and emaciation
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Same as Sprew.
Plastic framework to which plastic parts for kits are attached.
A sprue is the plastic framework to which various parts of a model kit are attached. They are sometimes called "trees" and can be used for any number of things, from exhaust pipes to filling holes in bodies. See our Resources section.
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puller -hot-tip
Stabilizer Stiffness Stress-crack
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The `tree' that holds model parts.