Definitions for "Bloat "
excessive accumulation of gases in the rumen of an animal.
An abnormal condition in ruminants characterized by a distention of the rumen; usually seen on an animal's upper left side, owing to an accumulation of gases.
a term referring to the build up of gas in the stomach or intestines. A serious emergency in deep chested dogs and may indicate a twisted stomach.
Keywords:  turgid, effusion, puff, swell, vain
To make turgid, as with water or air; to cause a swelling of the surface of, from effusion of serum in the cellular tissue, producing a morbid enlargement, often accompanied with softness.
To inflate; to puff up; to make vain.
To grow turgid as by effusion of liquid in the cellular tissue; to puff out; to swell.
Bloat is a Perl script which analyses an archive's filename, and extracts it using a suitable extractor. It also supports several other features, such as "subdirectory detection", MIME-type checking , and extraction of non-trivial archive types.
A term of contempt for a worthless, dissipated fellow.
Keywords:  blote, smoke, dry, herrings, see
To dry (herrings) in smoke. See Blote.
An acute indigestion. May result from sudden overeating of new legume or grain.