Definitions for "Dysphagia"
Impairment of swallowing.
Swallowing difficulties
The inability to swallow or chew food due to an inability to coordinate basic motor movements.
Neurophysiology Urothelium
Neurophysiology Trophic
Neoplasms Transplantation
Neoplasms Urology
Transplantation Neonatal
Necrosis Vertigo
Necrosis Ultrasonography Neon Urinalysis
Keywords:  orofacial, toxoplasmosis
Orofacial Toxoplasmosis
Keywords:  dysphonia, dystonia
Dysphonia Dystonia
Metronidazole Thermoregulation
Keywords:  taurine, malabsorption
Malabsorption Taurine
Neuromuscular Tolerance
Myeloma Tolerance
Keywords:  tenesmus, motility
Motility Tenesmus
Keywords:  vestibular
Keywords:  nucleocapsid, vial, viral
Nucleocapsid Vial Viral
Keywords:  toxicology, menopause
Menopause Toxicology
Keywords:  tomography
Neurotransmitter Ventral
Keywords:  tuberculosis, neural
Neural Tuberculosis
an uncomfortable, frightening, and potentially life-threatening condition that affects a large proportion of nursing home residents
Keywords:  opium, toxicity, topical
Topical Opium Toxicity
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