Definitions for "IBS"
UK Register of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Therapists
Recommendation Zinc"A study involving zinc supplementation in inflammatory bowel disease illustrated the importance of taking adequate supplementation, but not too much..."
Irritable Bowel Syndrome; often the first diagnosis a woman with endo receives due to the frequent bowel symptoms, such as cycles of diarrhea/constipation, painful bowel movements, urgency to defecate, blood in stool, etc. Although IBS is a recognized syndrome, it's often misapplied to women with endo.
Insituto Brasileiro de Siderurgia, Brazil
International BEST Symposium An event for current issues in educational affairs
International Benchrest Shooters
International Bank of Settlements
Intelligent Building System
Intelligent Battery System. provides in-car management of multiple batteries used to power winches, fridges etc.
Identity by state. Coincidental possession of alleles that appear to be identical but have not been proved to be of common descent.
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Accounting and Billing program for ISPs with PrePaid VoIP/Dialup/Lan services.
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INTELSAT Business Services.
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Inflatable Boat, Small. The basic unit of SEAL transportation.
IFOAM Basic Standards.
Institute for Buddhist Studies
Institute of Biblical Studies
Integrated Biological Systems
Integrated Booking System
Integrated Business System - essentially the same as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
Independent Business Stores. Non-chain, small independent foodstores.
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Internet Book Shop
Internet Broadcasting System
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In bad standing Not current with annual report filings