Definitions for "Descent"
Derivation, as from an ancestor; procedure by generation; lineage; birth; extraction.
With respect to estates, succession to ownership by inheritance; the passage of estate, upon the death of the owner, to heirs by law.
the way in which real estate title passes from one person to another via inheritance after the death of the owner.Dissent is controlled by state law.
The act of descending, or passing downward; change of place from higher to lower.
Progress downward, as in station, virtue, as in station, virtue, and the like, from a higher to a lower state, from a higher to a lower state, from the more to the less important, from the better to the worse, etc.
Transmission of an estate by inheritance, usually, but not necessarily, in the descending line; title to inherit an estate by reason of consanguinity.
Pixel offset of the bottom of an element with respect to its baseline.
In traditional typography the descent of a font was the distance from the bottom of a block of type to the baseline. Its precise meaning in modern typograph seems to vary with different definers.
A font's maximum distance below the baseline.
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Descent is a two-part episode from the sixth/seventh season of the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.
"Descent" is the third episode of the first season of the American fantasy / horror drama show .
Descent is the name of an episode of the science fiction tv series "The Outer Limits". The episode first aired on 25 June 1999.
Term used to define the state of a addicted person in lack of amphetamines. Line (to make oneself one): Take an amount of cocaine with a straw (to sniff). Speed: amphetamines
In mathematics, the idea of descent has come to stand for a very general idea, extending the intuitive idea of 'gluing' in topology. Since the topologists' glue is actually the use of equivalence relations on topological spaces, the theory starts with some ideas on identification.
A passing from a higher to a lower tone.
This means to move from a higher altitude to a lower altitude.
A descent during air travel is any portion where an aircraft decreases altitude, and is the opposite of an ascent or climb. Descents are an essential component of an approach to landing. Other intentional descents might be to avoid traffic, poor flight conditions (turbulence, icing conditions, or bad weather), clouds (particularly under visual flight rules), to see something lower, to enter warmer air (see adiabatic lapse rate), or to take advantage of wind direction of a different altitude, particularly with balloons.
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A trip down a bobsled track.
A trip down a course; also called a run.
Incursion; sudden attack; especially, hostile invasion from sea; -- often followed by upon or on; as, to make a descent upon the enemy.
The process of expressing the rational points on a variety as the union of images of rational points from other varieties. The descent problem is as follows: Given a field extension and a variety over , try to find a variety over such that .
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Descent is a 3D first-person shooter video game noted for popularizing the use of true 3 D rendering technology and providing the player with six full degrees of freedom (often abbreviated "6DOF") to move and to look around.
properties attributable to your ancestry; "he comes from good origins"