Definitions for "Lineal"
Descending in a direct line from an ancestor; hereditary; derived from ancestors; -- opposed to collateral; as, a lineal descent or a lineal descendant.
Inheriting by direct descent; having the right by direct descent to succeed (to).
In the direction of a line; of or pertaining to a line; measured on, or ascertained by, a line; linear; as, lineal magnitude.
Keywords:  jambs, trim, door, molding, window
Molding of various widths used to trim door and window openings at the jambs. Also referred to as:box post, window and door surround.
Molding used to trim the openings of door and window jambs; the frame around a door or window.
A standard length profile or shape which is cut and processed to make window and door components.
Keywords:  delineated, composed, designs
Composed of lines; delineated; as, lineal designs.
Keywords:  arranged
arranged in a line