Definitions for "Gradient"
Keywords:  slope, incline, riverbed, steep, ascent
Rising or descending by regular degrees of inclination; as, the gradient line of a railroad.
The rate of regular or graded ascent or descent in a road; grade.
A part of a road which slopes upward or downward; a portion of a way not level; a grade.
Gradual change from one color (or intensity level) to another. Gradient colors can also become opaque or transparent, varying in translucency from one side to the other.
A function in graphic software that allows the user to fill an object/image with a smooth transition of colors, for example a dark blue, gradually becoming lighter or red, gradually becoming orange, then yellow.
A blend from one color to another color.
Lenses that are darker at the top and get progressively lighter at the bottom. Lightly tinted versions of gradient lenses are used mainly in fashion glasses.
Tints or shades of one colour used to create a special pattern of increasing colour.
The variation of printed dots from lighter to darker as a single or in multiple colors.
The pressure interval of a tympanogram corresponding to a 50% reduction in the compliance. (See tympanometric width).
the property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the horizontal; "a five-degree gradient"
a horizontal fading of colors, most commonly used in the creation of banners for web pages
Moving by steps; walking; as, gradient automata.
Adapted for walking, as the feet of certain birds.
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a series of steps, each one easily attainable, that accomplishes what would otherwise be a difficult or impossible objective
The direction of ground water flow, see hydraulic gradient.
a pathway of increasing concentration of a specific substance
a description of a pattern or variation
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See Grade.
a difference in charge between the inside and outside of the membrane.
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See Rate (R).