Definitions for "Appendicitis"
Inflammation of the vermiform appendix.
The Condition"...The first sign is usually a pain or discomfort in the centre of the abdomen, which comes and goes in waves and is often thought at first to be a simple stomach upset..."
Inflammation of the appendix that can cause pain and occasionally vomiting and diarrhoea.
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Histiocytosis Peptic
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Helicobacter Peroxidase
Glycosaminoglycans Plexus
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Gynecology Parenteral
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A condition where the appendix (a tubular structure attached to the large colon) becomes infected and inflamed and can be associated with the formation of adhesions in the proximity of the fallopian tube.
The Condition"...Adhesions from postoperative scar tissue may develop and block or obstruct the bowel..."
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Heredity Purpura
Hemorrhage Pharmacologic
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Herpes Recombinant
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Hepatitis Physiologic
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