Definitions for "ROTATIONAL MOLDING"
A process wherein molten plastic is injected into a mold and spun at high speed to press the material against the walls of the mold. Jumbo Machinders are one type of toy made with this "roto" molding. See the article Plastics! for more info.
A method of shaping seamless plastic containers in which a charge of plastic is placed into a metal mold, which is then sealed. The mold is rotated around several axis while external heat is used to melt the contained plastic, which then flows to evenly coat the entire inside of the mold. The mold is cooled while still rotating and then opened to release the part.
A predetermined amount of powdered or liquid thermoplastic or thermoset material is poured into a mold. The mold is closed, heated and rotated in the axis of two planes until the contents have fused to the inner walls of the mold. The mold is opened and the part is removed. Mechanical View