Definitions for "Pellet"
The leftover food from an owls digestive system. After the owl has digested all that it can the rest is spit back out in the form of a hard, dry pellet.
Owls eat their prey whole. After t...
a mass of undigested material regurgitated by a carnivorous bird.
A bullet; a ball for firearms.
A type of air gun projectile made from lead.
(n.) 1. A single piece of birdshot or buckshot. 2. The bullet fired from an airgun.
A little ball; as, a pellet of wax on paper.
To form into small balls; to pelletize.
a tiny cylinder of resin
Solid formulation of pesticide, larger than granule, often used for molluscicide formulations.
A dry formulation of herbicide and other components in discrete particles usually larger than 10 cubic centimeters.
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A black roundel
A black roundle; pellete, pellety, scattered with pellets
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Circular boss.
a pretty large concentration of food
The material concentrated at the bottom of a centrifuge tube after centrifugation. ( 10)
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Pellets formed from a fine mash bonded together.
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a small sphere
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