Definitions for "mag"
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Short for magazine, which is the ammunition feeding device on just about all weapons apart from revolvers (cylinder) and belt-fed firearms (belt).
Abbreviation for " magneto"; or for "magnesium," as in mag wheels."
Abbreviation for either a "Magazine" or "Mag Stock/Track."
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Mitrailleuse a Gaz
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Marine Aircraft Group
Marine Air Group (USMC)
Market Access Group The Market Access Group (MAG) was established in 1998 by the Committee for Trade and Investment (CTI) to handle the CTI's work on tariffs and non-tariff measures.
Swiss engine makers, the initials stand for Motosacoche Accacias Geneva. The company also produced complete Motosacoche bikes.
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magnesium sulfate
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Magic (Stat)
Maricopa Association of Governments
Ministry of Agriculture (also MAGLM .. & Livestock Management)
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Soundtrack stock.
Shortened form of magazine, the periodic paperback publication.
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Maximum Absorption Garment
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Metal Active Gas - where the gas reacts and is part of the weld process
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Plain, Stretch of land cleared of trees.
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Magnetometer. One of the instruments on NEAR.