Definitions for "Publication"
The act of publishing or making known; notification to the people at large, either by words, writing, or printing; proclamation; divulgation; promulgation; as, the publication of the law at Mount Sinai; the publication of the gospel; the publication of statutes or edicts.
The act of offering a book, pamphlet, engraving, etc., to the public by sale or by gratuitous distribution.
That which is published or made known; especially, any book, pamphlet, etc., offered for sale or to public notice; as, a daily or monthly publication.
a collection of one or more tables required for data replication
a set of articles from the same primary database
In SQL Remote or MobiLink, a database object that identifies replicated data. In MobiLink, publications exist only on the clients. A publication consists of articles. Periodically, the changes made to each publication are replicated to all subscribers to that publication. SQL Remote users can receive a publication by subscribing to it. MobiLink users can synchronize a publication by creating a synchronization subscription to it. See also: replication, article, publication update.
a comprehensive guide to the art of sailing, written for young sailors of all ages and abilities
a comprehensive guide to the government's (both civilian and military) purchasing and sales activities
a comprehensive introduction to producer-marketing of meat products
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The Polio Chronicle
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Another term for Report Object.  A publication may be either a report which would be accessed in its entirety, a report which would be pared down by either user-entered parameters or SQL which would generate a report on the fly, or a datagroup.
an obvious first step, but it would also seem worth considering a range of approaches to the issues raised
an ongoing series of brief analytical overviews of topics in modern Canadian issues and culture
a grant to fund reports or other publications issued by a nonprofit resulting from research or projects of interest to the foundation.
Collection of data and special processing instructions. [1.2] Publications contained all content, configuration, and processing instructions, but could inherit from Global using special syntax. [1.4] Publications contain all content. Configuration and Modules (processing instructions) automatically inherit from Templates and Global, but may be overriden in the Publication.
an excellent example of the lack of coherency that exists in this profession, with assistance from one segment of the legal profession
an asynchronous conversation
A legal resource from which you can retrieve a document. See also publications list.
a collection of Resources (Documents and Assets), and any special functionality
a good example of a document
An act done in public.
the act of issuing printed materials
Publication of a design is the act of making it public or available for commercial sale or use anywhere in the world. Registration The granting of exclusive rights in an industrial design by the Industrial Design Office. This provides protection against imitation and unauthorized use of the design effective from the date of registration.
Any print product reproduced with a message for an audience.
The communication of information to the general public through any means, including print, radio, television and the Internet.
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an organization that puts out a list of material it has edited and recommends to its readers
an ordered sequence of transaction entries
a container of (HTML-) objects with certain properties