Definitions for "VANITY PRESS"
A publisher that specializes in the publication of books for which their authors pay all or most of the expenses. A Vanity Press accepts all manuscripts submitted, provides little or no editing, and exercises only limited marketing and selling effort to an attempt to sell the books. The author often pays significantly in order to become a published author, but does receive a very high royalty - typically 40 percent of the selling price. Also termed subsidy press. Vanity presses are perceived as being publishers for authors, who are unable to have their books published by conventional publishers. Many booksellers are reluctant to accept titles published by vanity press. Similarly, many reviewers are reluctant to review them. Vanity presses are also called subsidy presses or vanity publishers. See also EDITING; MANUSCRIPT; ROYALTY; SELF-PUBLISHER
A publisher who charges the author to print the author's book, also called a subsidy press.
A waning term as the name implies a "Vanity Press" is a publisher that produces books with the author paying all costs and maintaining all ownership. Vanity Presses most commonly do not allow author input other than paper color and binding style.
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