Definitions for "BOOK PACKAGER"
Book packagers—also known as book producers or book developers—create new titles from concept to bound book for publishers, as opposed to publishers using in-house staff and existing authors to do the same. Book packagers are often receptive to new authors, though payment is frequently in flat fee and less generous than with publishers.
Also called a packager or a book producer. An individual or company that assembles components necessary for book publication--any combination of author, manuscript, book designer, editor, camera-ready copy, printer, or finished book--and sells the property in a specific state of completion to a publisher that will release and market the book as its own or as an acknowledged copublishing project.
A publisher unwilling to invest in his product.
a collective group of talented, hard-working, industrious folks who get impossible things done for clients
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a company that takes your words and makes them into the book