Definitions for "Colophon"
An inscription, monogram, or cipher, containing the place and date of publication, printer's name, etc., formerly placed on the last page of a book.
The closing remarks of the scribe at the end of the text, such as "Thank God I finished this text in 300 days" or "The monk Gerasim wrote this in the year 1237." Not to be confused with the explicit, the ending of the text itself. Colophons are important codicological tools used to date and assign provenance to a manuscript.
A note at the end of a book giving publication details etc
a scribal devise that was placed at the conclusion of a literary work written on a clay tablet which gave the title or description of the narrative, the date or occasion of the writing and the name of the owner or writer of the tablet
A company's symbol or logo--Houghton Mifflin's colophon is
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Coup de grace.
The section of any publication which provides basic information on itself (e.g., date, address, availability, and so on).