Definitions for "Logo"
Short for logotype. The name, symbol, or trademark of a company or organization.
A symbolic form, frequently incorporating letter shapes, that identifies organizations such as businesses, companies, teams, or schools.
A unique symbol, trademark or type style used to represent a company or brand name on packaging, in advertising, in promotional materials or other communications.
a computer programming language that enables the user to easily manipulate geometric shapes, patterns, and motion.
A computer language that encourages learning through discovery. Easy and fun to learn, but powerful enough for serious programming.
a programming language that combines pictures and words to teach mathematical and problem solving skills to children.
Identification image.
a central tool for branding, therefore it should be carefully designed to bring your customers a positive impression
a form of advertising, and the presence of a brand in the picture certifies it as fake
Short for logo type. The name of the advertiser in art or type form that remains constant from ad to ad. Usually available in more than one size.
Logo is an American digital cable television channel owned by Viacom's MTV Networks division. Targeting programming aimed at the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, it launched on June 30, 2005. The advertiser supported channel struck carriage deals prior to its launch date with Direc TV, Charter Communications, Adelphia, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable of New York City, and RCN.
a silhouette of former Laker great and current Memphis Grizzlies GM Jerry West
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a bit bigger than the orignal ones, the leads are softer as well
an anti-SWP plot is a bit weird
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a bloody good excuse for calling DA a lamer teenie site
a matching, UV-resistant, plastic spoiler that not only deflects the wind and keeps the wiper blade tight against the windshield but also keeps leaves, mud and other bits of debris from getting hung in the wiper and affecting the insert
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Each disc has to carry a logo according to the applicable standard (Red/Blue/Yellow Book).
Artwork consisting of the DFW acronym and the Airstream contained within a rectangular field of DFW Gradient Blue
a flag, a signature, an escutcheon, a street sign
a very personal item, like your signature or your favorite sweatshirt
Keywords:  ingenious, square
a particularly ingenious use of the Square
an important part of a busines, be it adult or non-adult buisiness
a map of Higher Consciousness based on Taoist cosmology
a tangible asset with a cash value
a tangible form used to represent any given article
a triangle composed of three smaller red triangles and an inverted white triangle, with the letters "DFA" centered in the inverted triangle
Keywords:  identity, unify, cues, nail, important
a great start to your identity, but it needs to be applied to a print piece or website to nail down those important design cues that help unify marketing pieces
a very important part of your identity - that is how prospects and clients recognize you
A design that represents goods, identity or service. Return to Previous Location
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a message to cons
Keywords:  gimp, vector, path, expressable, shape
a shape , which is expressable as a path in The GIMP, which is a vector shape
a guarantee of service excellence to the tourist
a critical part of this equation for success
a testament to our success
Keywords:  flaw, definate
a definate flaw
Keywords:  tivo, grid, small, pay, price
a small price to pay for my Tivo grid
a translation of a functional programme of demands, is to a certain extent a product of corporate culture, where intentions are totally rationalized before they become form
a recognized credential by both the public and the industry
Keywords:  precursor, page, web
a precursor of a web page
Keywords:  nut, shell, puts
a must when it puts it in a nut shell
LOST: for everything except a person; MISSING is used for people
Name-only, paid advertisement on the Web, usually smaller and less expensive than a banner. May not link to named site.
a powerful aid to the development of any business engaged in the Direct Selling of consumer goods and services
a title or name of a Web site, normally a commercial or a business Web site
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The title of a strip or comic book as it appears on the cover or title page.
Keywords:  tells, know, consumers, strong, look
a message to consumers that tells them, "Look, you know us, you trust us, and we have a strong relationship
Keywords:  panel, option, end
an option on the end panel
a sign of commitment to providing best service at all times
Keywords:  tool, powerful, marketing
a powerful marketing tool