Definitions for "BCE"
abbreviation - Before Common (or Christian) Era. Refers with reference to years before the year 1. Used in place of B.C. (Before Christ)
Before Common or Christian Era: Dating system used by anthropologists and historians replacing the use of BC (before Christ).
Before Common Era. Dating system used by scholars and pagans without any religious connotations that is synonymous with "BC"
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Banco Central Europeo
Banco Central Europeu
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A book that was printed specially for a book club.
Book Club Edition. a copy of a book printed by or especially for a book club. Some book clubs (such as The Literary Guild) may produce an edition separate from the trade edition, while others (such as Book of the Month Club) may contract with the publisher to produce a run of the books with a unique, identifying mark.
Book Club Edition. Some have less expensive bindings, materials, or inferior print quality, are often smaller and are therefore not as collectible - but are more likely to be found in mint condition (BOMC). Some are equal in quality to trade editions, and many of this type have cover art not found in other editions (SFBC). Some are deluxe editions and highly collectable (Easton Press).
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battlefield coordination element BDZ base defense zone command and control CAIC corps airspace information center C&E communications and electronics COMMZ communications zone COMSEC communications security CONUS continental United States COSCOM corps support command CP command post CRC control and reporting center CRSC calibration and repair support company CS combat support CSS combat service support CTOC corps tactical operations center
basal cell epithelioma. basal cell skin cancer which appears as a pink raised patch with a necrosed center; left untreated, the lesion may invade deeper tissues. In otherwise healthy people BCE tends to occur on areas of the body exposed to the sun, but in HIV-infected people it may occur on unexposed areas.
Benefit Crystallisation Event. An event when benefits are paid that triggers a test of the lifetime allowance.
Beneficial Clinical Event
basic counter-effort; false 8th dynamic secondary; 7th dynamic engram, original misunderstood (OMU). An event that affected most beings involved in the game of life. At times perceived as a false ‘original body of theta (life, thought, spirit)'.
Biotechnology Centre of Excellence
Blanket Categorical Exclusion
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Basic Chess Endings
Bandwidth Control Elements. Parameters of a frame-relay data link connection, determining not only the amount of data that will be accepted by the network over time, but also the priority of that data.
Byte Channel Enhancement. Feature introduced first on 9121 s which enabled any eight parallel channels to be specified as byte channels.