Definitions for "Paul"
first century CE Christian apostle and missionary
(Saint) Jew who was converted to Christianity and who took the gospel to the Gentiles. Wrote many of the epistles.
(POH-lohs) n. Paul, the apostle. Known as Rav Sha'ul.
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a gunsmith and
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Paul was the exarch of Ravenna from 726 to 727.
Julius Paulus (second century AD), also known as Paulus or Paul, was an influential Roman jurist whose writings feature prominently in Justinian's Digest.
Paul is a common English name for males. It is derived from the Roman surname Paulus (Latin: "small" or "humble").
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See Pawl.
a senior tax consultant, principal, and owner of an independent accounting, income tax, and management consulting practice
a senior vice president and the practice leader for project definition and design
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An Italian silver coin. See Paolo.
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a one of the most important Apache JServ user and great fan of open source and free software
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an older person who is willing to mentor you, to build into your life
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United States feminist (1885-1977)