Definitions for "mary "
The mother of Jesus Christ and thus bearer of the title "Mother of God." From apostolic times, the faithful have accorded to Mary the highest forms of veneration (as opposed to adoration or the worship given to God alone). She is celebrated throughout the year and in devotions such as the rosary and litany and is hailed the patroness of many countries, including the United States.
Mary is the mother of Jesus.
The mother of Jesus, sometimes called the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary is very important in the Roman Catholic church.
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Mary is a 1931 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It is the German version of Hitchcock's Murder!, shot simultaneously on the same sets with German actors. The film is based on the play Enter Sir John by Clemence Dane and Helen Simpson, and stars Alfred Abel and Olga Tschechowa.
Mary is a 2005 film written and directed by the controversial American director Abel Ferrara. The film stars Juliette Binoche, Forest Whitaker, Matthew Modine, Heather Graham and Marion Cotillard. The film premiered at the 2005 Venice Film Festival where it won the Special Jury Prize as well as 3 smaller awards.
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Mary is 4th studio album by soul singer Mary J. Blige, released August 17, 1999 (see 1999 in music). The album charted #2 on the Pop albums chart and #1 Billboard R&B Albums chart for 3 weeks.
"Mary" is a song by American glam rock band Scissor Sisters and is the fourth track on their self-titled debut album (see 2004 in music). It was released as a single in October 2004 in the UK, peaking at #14 in the UK Singles Chart (see 2004 in British music).
"Mary" was the third and final single from the Britpop band Supergrass' eponymous third album. Released in November 1999, it reached a meagre #36 on the UK Charts, thier lowest charting single for 5 years. The accompanying music video was banned from television due to being "too frightening", so an edited version was released, replacing the aforementioned scary scenes with pictures of onions.
Mary (Russian: Машенька) or Mashen'ka, is the name of Vladimir Nabokov's first novel. First published in 1926 by the Russian language publisher Slovo, it is the story of Lev Glebovich Ganin, a Russian émigré, displaced by the Russian Revolution. Ganin is now living in a boarding house in Berlin, and dreaming of his long-lost first love, Mary.
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Mary was a programming language designed and implemented by RUNIT at Trondheim, Norway in the 1970s. It borrowed many features from ALGOL 68 but was designed for machine oriented programming.
mary is a free native code optimizing Forth compiler for PIC microcontrollers. Part of a bigger project, mary's aim is to be a fun and useful substitute for the assembly programming on the PIC.
A name used by gay men with one another as a substitution for someone's real name.
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''For the 1985 sitcom, see Mary (1985 TV series)
''For the 1978 variety series, see Mary (1978 TV series)
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A gay man, usually used in sentences like, "Get over yourself, Mary!" (RS)
A standard camp name used by gay men to refer to each other.
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a channel medium from the USA
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See Marry.
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a common name