Definitions for "Abel"
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Second son of Eve and Adam, he offered an animal sacrifice which was more pleasing to God than the sacrifice of his elder brother, Cain. His brother murdered him out of jealousy.
(HE-vel) n. 1. Abel, the third son of Adam and Eve. 2. Vanity; vapor; breath (Eccl. 1:2). Whether there is an etymological connection between Abel and the idea of breath or vanity is unclear.
Abel is the second child of Adam and Eve, murdered by his brother Cain in Genesis 4. Blake called the voice of Abel calling for vengeance the Ghost of Abel, the title of a late etched work (1822) inspired by Byron's Cain and Gessner's Death of Abel. Elsewhere Blake treated this incident as the origin of the law of retribution rather than forgiveness.
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One of the few survivors of the planet that was destroyed by the Yabeh Weapon System. While onboard the Eldridge Able came into contact with the Wave Existence inside of the Zohar Modifier. The Wave Existence gave Abel its power so one day he could destory Zohar so the Existence could ascend back to the higher dimension it came from. Abel had been searching for his mother when he made contact and wanted to be with her so when he made contact with the Existence it received a mother's will. It construced a woman using Kadamony to be with Abel but Deus transfored the woman into the original Miang.
As a young boy living in the Cosmic War era, he came into contact with Zohar when he accidentally stumbled upon a facility housing a Deus/Zohar connection experiment. The Wave Existence gave Abel its power so one day he could destroy Zohar, which would free the Existence to ascend back to the higher dimension. Abel had been searching for his mother when he made contact, and his desire to be with her imparted the Existence with a mother's will when he made contact. It constructed a woman using the biological computer Kadomony, a component of the Deus system, to be with Abel, but Deus transformed the woman into the original Miang. Abel was the only human survivor of the Eldridge crash. See also Abel.
Abel is the name given to the first and only specimen ever discovered of Australopithecus bahrelghazali. Abel was found in January 1995 in Chad in the Kanem Region by the paleontologist Michel Brunet, who named the fossil "Abel" in memory of his close friend Abel Brillanceau, who had died of malaria in 1989.
HDL developed by Data I/O
ABEL is a high-level language (HDL) and compilation system produced by Data I/O Corporation.
Advanced Boolean Expression Language, low-level language for design entry, from Data I/O.
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Norwegian mathematician (1802-1829)
Abel is an ancient lunar crater that lies near the southeast limb of the Moon's near side. It is located to the south of Barnard crater, at the northwest edge of the Mare Australe.