Definitions for "Pidyon HaBen"
Redemption of the Firstborn A ceremony for the firstborn son that symbolically relieves him from service in the priesthood because the Jew of priestly descent, the descendent of Aharon, was given the responsibility in his stead
The ceremony, a month after birth, through which the firstborn son is “redeemed” from Temple service. When the Temple stood in Jerusalem, the eldest son of the family was expected to serve there. If his family did not want to give him for service, he was redeemed monetarily. Today, when there is no Temple, a symbolic gift of coins is given to the Cohen to symbolize the childâ€(tm)s “redemption.” Some families now perform this ceremony for firstborn daughters as well.
The redemption of the firstborn. A ceremony performed by a Cohen, that relieves a firstborn male from his ancient obligation to serve in the Temple.