Definitions for "Reprints"
Printed from the original plates after the stamps had ceased to be current.
Stamps printed from the original plates as a result of a particular issue selling out.
Stamp printed after initial issue date  Retouch A minor correction made to a printing plate or cylinder  Roulette A form of perforation using a line of 'cuts' instead of holes
Articles for which negatives are relaid so the articles are produced in booklet form. The quantities for a number of different booklets on an order do not have to be the same. See also: Offprints. to top
Works you've managed to sell twice or more. In most instances, the rights to a published work will revert back to you within several years, whereupon you can attempt to publish it again. If you do this, make sure the editors to whom you submit it know that it was published before, and where and when it was published. Some publications don't accept reprints, but many do.
Ask*IEEE sells single photocopies of IEEE (and other publishers') material. The IEEE Reprints Department sells reprints of IEEE material. Many people are interested in making their own reprints or copies. All requests for permission to reprint or otherwise reuse IEEE material should be forwarded to the IEEE Intellectual Property Rights Office for response.
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A photo made from a negative. Available in 6" x 4" size.