Definitions for "Stripping"
The last milk drawn from a cow at a milking.
Removing of male cork from the cork oak tree performed in summer
The removal of overburden.
1. Method used by a layout artist to place the components, graphics and text, in place prior to plate making.
1) The department which prepares film for printing to customer specifications, makes plates from the film, and checks and approves the plates before they go to the pressroom. 2) The act of preparing film for printing according to customer specification by positioning negatives on flats, cutting color, etc.
Positioning all the pieces of the layout on large sheets of paper to construct the templates.
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(1) The technique of sealing the joint between metal and roof membrane with one or two plies of flashing membrane. (2) The technique of taping joints between insulation boards.
A method of shuffling that consists of dropping a few cards alternately from the top and bottom of the deck.
(1) The technique of sealing a joint between metal and membrane with one or two plies of felt, fabric or membrane and hot- or cold-applied adhesive; (2) The technique of taping joints between insulation boards or deck panels.
Scheduling a syndicated program at the same time, every day of the week. This is the opposite of checkerboarding, which is the standard method of scheduling programs on primetime. See, Checkerboarding
Once a program producer has made enough episodes of a program, the program can be aired on a consistent basis each week during off-network time which builds a viewing audience.  Called stripping because the regular exhibition of the show is similar to the publication of a daily comic strip.
Putting successive episodes of a program into the same time period five days a week—for example scheduling Star Trek every evening at 7pm.
Stripping is the loss of bond between the aggregates and asphalt binder which typically begins at the bottom of the HMA layer and progresses upward.
The loss of adhesion between asphalt and aggregate due to moisture sensitivity.
The loss of aggregates from a sprayseal surface or the loss of binder from the surface of the aggregate in asphalt.
Another name for varicose vein surgery; it is the process of abolishing the varicose vein in order to allow blood to flow through the remaining healthy veins.
The process of separating the individual die-cut blisters and blister cards from the full sheet and from each other at the end of the manufacturing process.
Process of disengaging tooling from the workpiece.
1 Failure of a bullet's jacket to take the rifling. 2 Of a magazine weapon, loading the magazine by pressing cartridges from a charger into the weapon.
Estimation and correction for the gamma ray photons of higher and lower energy that are observed in a particular energy window. See also Compton scattering.
Separating the stalks, etc., not what happens when you are drinking wine at a bachelor party.
Separating the stalks etc. from the must.
Condition for working coiled tubing through a pressurized stripper, where wellbore pressure applied against the cross-sectional area of the tube creates an upward acting force less than the weight of the tubing in the wellbore. In this condition, mechanical assistance is required to apply thrust to the tubing while injecting or to maintain control of the tubing when extracting. This condition is commonly called "light pipe operations".
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Lucrative second job for writers.
The transaction through which a bond is transformed into a set of zero-coupon bonds which may be traded separately. Each of these new securities (referred to as strips) entitles the owner to receive one single payment (be it a coupon payment or the redemption of the principal) in the future.
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A product and/or process of producing a long, narrow piece of material that is uniform in width. Sometimes referred to as slitting.
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See ' Blanking'.
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pickling a metal surface with an acid.
Subtracting a specified fractional part of the data in one section of memory from the data in another section of memory.
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No entries No entries
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See paint, stripping.
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The act of one who strips.