Definitions for "Scouring"
the actual separation of dirt, grease, and foreign matter from grease wool.
Process of removing the starches and lubricants applied to fabric to protect it during weaving. Fabrics that have been scoured are generally softer and better withstand cleaning action.
the process of cleaning a fabric to get rid of excess oils and dirt and other impurities.
Concentrated erosive action, especially by stream or river water, as on the outside curve of a bend.
The clearing and digging action of flowing water, especially the downward erosion caused by stream water in sweeping away mud and silt from the streambed and outside bank of a curved channel.
gradual or rapid erosion of particles from the channel walls or bed caused by a concentration of the current
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Loose dunging. A sign of either excessive excitability or growing fatigue, or both. Constant scouring is very detrimental to maintaining a good fluid balance.
When waves and currents erode stream banks or beds.
A process by which running water removes loose fragments of sediment from a stream bed.
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The equine equivalent of diarrhoea.
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Scraping Scratching
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The application of a fine abrasive to achieve a satin, or dull, finish. The abrasive may be applied by hand, wheel or belt.
Removal of underwater material by waves and currents, especially at the base of a shore or slope.
moving over territory to search for something; "scouring the entire area revealed nothing"
Clearing out a canal or navigation to improve its use and appearance.