Definitions for "DSN"
Defense System Telecommunications Network.
Distributed Systems Network. The network architecture developed by Hewlett-Packard.
See Distributed Systems Network.
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This stands for Data Source Name. The DSN sets up the ODBC driver database connection. It includes the following information: database name, directory, database driver, UserID, password, and other things. Each DSN connects to a specific database and calls the information from its database.
The name of a data source that applications use to request a connection to the data source. For example, a data source name can be registered with ODBC through the ODBC Administrator program.
Data Source Name. The logical name used by ODBC to refer to the drive and other information required to access data. The name is use by Internet Information Server for a connection to an ODBC data source, such as a SQL Server database. To set this name, you double-click ODBC in the Control Panel.
delivery status notification. Message returned to the originator indicating the delivery status of an e-mail message. Three types of delivery status notifications can be requested by a sender: delay, success, and failure. Specifications for DSN are described in RFC 1891, RFC 1892, RFC 1893, and RFC 1894.
DSN (Delivery Status Notification) is an information about the email message delivery status. There are a couple of different types of delivery status notification. Unless otherwise specified, users receive only the error messages from the mailserver (deferred, failure).
Acronym for Delivery Status Notification, which is usually an e-mail error message.
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Doctor of Science in Nursing
Diabetes Specialist Nurse. This is the UK's equivalent of the US Certified Diabetes Educator.