Definitions for "Musket"
Keywords:  smoothbore, muzzle, firearm, rifle, gun
A species of firearm formerly carried by the infantry of an army. It was originally fired by means of a match, or matchlock, for which several mechanical appliances (including the flintlock, and finally the percussion lock) were successively substituted. This arm has been completely superseded by the rifle, and is now only of historical interest.
A firearm with a smooth-bored barrel, having a limited range and of doubtful accuracy. Use discontinued during 19th century .
A smoothbore military shoulder gun with a long barrel and forend stock extending nearly to the muzzle. Muskets were in common use during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.
Musket was an English-bred thoroughbred racehorse responsible for siring in New Zealand many of the important horses during the nineteenth century, including the famous Carbine. Carbine in his day was considered one of the greatest horses in the world, whose feats included winning the 1890 Melbourne Cup with a very large weight. The bloodlines of Musket including Carbine, and Carbine's half brother Trenton, are still evident in horse racing today.
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The male of the sparrow hawk.
Male Sparrowhawk
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