Definitions for "Participant"
A client who takes part in required activities in order to remain eligible for food assistance benefits. See Food Stamp E&T
A person who has been determined eligible for refugee social services.
An employee, sole proprietor, or partner who is covered by a qualified plan.
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In identity management, a person that has the authority to respond to a request that is submitted through the workflow engine. A participant can be identified as an individual, as a roles, or by using a custom JavaScript script.
A person included in a focus group, survey or study. Also called respondent, unit, subject, experimental unit or unit of analysis.
Anyone who participates in a 20/20 Insight GOLD project, whether they are a respondent giving feedback or a subject receiving feedback.
a helm crew boat owner or a parent or guardian
a person who registers to be a Joints in Motion team member
a special aviation event performer, which includes flight crews, flight crew support staff, parachutists and ground performers, such as pyrotechnic teams and announcers
a user who joins or participates in a session; usually a student or trainee.
An Individual who attends a live Centra Symposium Event.
a Group Leader, Adult Chaperone, or a Youth attending camp
A participator; a partaker.
someone who is engaged in an activity so as to partake of it benefits as, for example, one who networks to build or maintain relationships at an association meeting; ( participation) to be engaged interactively to the extent that one is more than simply an observer or user. See opportunities for participating in The Network or information about its mission if you want to know why participation is defined in this glossary with such a close relationship to networking. definition of participant defined definition of network participation defined definition of network participant defined definition of participation cost
a woman who takes part in carrying out the mission of and supports the ministries of Women of the ELCA
a colleague in ministry with the pastor and the members of the congregation
each member of your conference other than the moderator. Please note that they have fewer functions available to them.
A person attending a web conference or conference call, typically not used when referring to the conference host.
Joins a conference (initiated by a subscriber) by dialing the conference phone number and entering, if necessary, the passcode and optional conference security code on a touch-tone telephone keypad. Close window
Anyone who participates in the meeting, but is not the host.
A person who participates in a meeting. A participant can be a meeting host, presenter, or attendee. See also host; presenter; attendee.
Student, learner or other attendee of a training course.
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Person actively involved in a meeting.
"[A] representation in linguistic theory of a person that includes just those properties that are required to account for that person's communicative behavior in a particular assemblage" (125).
Patient, service user, carer, relative of the deceased, professional carer, other employee, or member of the public, who consents to take part in a study. ‘Participant’ should be taken to include the person and any samples/data relating to the person that have not been completely anonymised. Under the Clinical Trials Regulations, participants in CTIMPs are referred to as ‘subjects’.
A resident, family, complex, neighborhood, or community receiving or participating in services provided by the program. Also known as client or target population group.
an individual, family, agency, neighborhood, or community receiving or participating in services provided by your program; also known as client or target population group.
an individual who receives services from a project or program funded by an award
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any individual member of a sample selected to participate in study
a generic term for any individual involved in a SETS case
an individual described as such in Article III
Rule 17a-23(b)(5) defines PARTICIPANT to mean a person that has been given access to a trading system by a system SPONSOR in order to effect a sale or purchase of securities on the system. See also definition in Instruction 3 to Item 4 of Schedule 14A.
USAID-sponsored, less developed country (LDC) national being trained outside his or her own country.
A person who participates in, or is directly or indirectly affected by a Jobs Jolt initiative. Specific participant definitions differ from initiative to initiative and a participant definition used for the purposes of calculating employment impact effects may differ from that used for the purpose of an initiative implementation target.
Participant risk Participate but do not initiate
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Someone who works at fest. Most participants are costumed.
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a carrier who pays HGCB a nominal fee and issues it a valid power of attorney
An Issuer, Designated Agent, Acquirer, Processor, Third Party Service Provider, Network or Merchant that has entered into an agreement to participate in routing and processing of Transactions and servicing of Cardholders of NACHA.
In PeopleSoft Enterprise Incentive Management, participants are recipients of the incentive compensation calculation process.
Generic term used to describe entities involved in the Electric Choice Program. Examples include customers, bidders, aggregators, retailers, and marketers.
The unit used by a utility to measure participation in its DSM programs; usually customers or households in the case of residential programs.
Any company which is a party to an Agreement with CDA relating to the company’s use of the CDA Data Repository
a collective word to encompass everyone
An entity responsible for the settlement of a trade is deemed to be a participant. Every order in the trading system has a participant associated with it.
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A party of a funding. It usually refers to the lowest rank or smallest level of funding. Source
A company or financial institution that has signed the appropriate agreements to participate in the pilot.
a party which participates in a system. This generic term refers to an institution which is identified by the system and is allowed to send transfer instructions directly to the system or which is directly bound by the rules governing that system.
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someone who takes part in an activity
anyone who is taking the course.
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a part of an application that handles a certain task
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a type of parameter and is a property of a process
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Another word that can be used for "human subject."
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A user of Process Express.
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Sharing; participating; having a share or part.
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